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Welcome from Steven A. Maybell, Ph.D. [9:34]

Steve Maybell shares a heart felt story about a significant turning point in his life with his two sons.
Dr. Maybell also shares his hopes for you as you study the material in this website:
    1) Learn what is "really going on" when children are misbehaving.
    2) Learn why the method of parenting you grew up with often backfires when used with your own children.
    3) Dramatically increase your effectiveness as a parent by minimizing misbehavior and increasing your child's cooperation.

Dr. Maybell is the Director at the Student Counseling Center and Adjunct Professor in Marriage and Family Therapy at Seattle Pacific Univeristy in Seattle, Washington, since 2006/2007.
Dr. Maybell also holds these credentials:
    The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)-Approved Supervisor,
    Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist (LMFT)-State of Washington,
    Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW)-State of Washington,
    Diplomate in Clinical Social Work-N.A.S.W.,
    Mental Health Professional / Child Mental Health Specialist-State of Washington,
    Diplomate in Adlerian Psychology-North American Society of Adlerian Psychology,
    Diplomate in Professional Psychotherapy-I.A.B.M.C.P.
    Certificate of Professional Studies in Adlerian Psychology from the Americas Institute of Adlerian Studies

Dr. Maybell offers over 35 years experience in the field of mental health. His most notable credential is his genuine humility, and his heart-felt passion to help individuals be the best person they can be.

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