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Special Time and Letting the Child Take the Lead [4:03]

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One of the most important skills that I have shared with parents in learning effective parenting methods is Special Time . Please reflect on the idea of "Letting Your Child Take the Lead..." This activity is a wonderful activity for developing trust with your child. (However, for children with attachment disorders, for children who manipulate the relationship, this activity needs to be balanced with your effort to help the child learn how to comply to requests and directives. Otherwise, the child who manipulates the relationship will only learn that she or he can ALWAYS Take the Lead," which, of course, they can't, and shouldn't. Children need to learn how to comply to directives and requests from the parent(s). "Special Time" helps children enjoy the quality of the relationship between the parent and the child.)

Parenting is the balance between You Taking the Lead and Letting Your Child Take the Lead ...
When you 'Take the Lead' most effectively, you are helping your child grow into his or her autonomy , and you are helping your child enjoy contributing to your family!
'Taking the Lead' has more than one meaning when it comes to parenting...
Michael Kennedy
Master of Divinity, Graduate Certificate in Family-Centered Practice, Master of Education: Human Resource Training and Development, Post-Master's Certification in School Psychology, Certificate of Professional Studies in Adlerian Psychology, Nationally Certified School Psychologist

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