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What experts said they would do differently with their kids…

Is it really possible to learn a parenting method for deciding what to do-and why? What about the child's behavior affecting the parent?
Yes, you can!

For source of quotes.*Source: Rubin, B. M., (June 2004). We made mistakes with our kids too! Good Housekeeping, 119-123.





This website is designed for parents-and children-it is your parenting resource for lifelong learning. I hope you enjoy this unique parenting program. You probably can't find anything like it on the web! This program provides an entire parenting course from one page--you will notice the links to follow once inside. You will use these to go the topic that interests you the most. You spend as little or as long as you have time for on each lesson-as many times as you wish.

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Become a Member link Lifelong learning means that the content—the lessons, the audio clips, and the video clips, will be continually updated, expanded, and enhanced for years to come… Come in and enjoy! and get ready for lifelong learning about parenting at its finest.

This website is your interactive tool to learning "Effective Parenting Methods."

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Steven A. Maybell, Ph.D.

While founded upon the pioneering work of Alfred Adler, Rudolf Dreikurs, Murray Bowen, and others, this parenting resource is based on original material by Dr. Steven A. Maybell, and the entire site has also been reviewed by him.

Steven A. Maybell is Director of the Student Counseling Center and member of faculty in the marriage and family therapy program at Seattle Pacific University. He holds Diplomate standing in Adlerian Psychology, Professional Psychotherapy, and Clinical Social Work, is a state Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Marriage and Family Therapist and he is an Approved Supervisor of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. From his personal experience as a parent of two sons and over 40 years of experience as a Therapist, Clinical Supervisor, Parent Educator, Author, and Teacher of counselors, social workers, and psychologists, he shares his insights in two books, which he co-authored



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